Revolutionary footwear for players – is it coming great revolution in the world of football ?

There is a sensational information on a huge step in the production technology of shoes for players. Scientists from the Japanese Association Footwear Technology recently developed a revolutionary prototype shoes for football player . The first innovation is the use of far less widespread and highly expensive material , which consists of plastic coating used in the NASA space shuttle.

By automating the production and application of many cheaper in the production of substitutes for the creation of this material is now much cheaper and can be implemented in any production. The material is extremely light sturdy yet permeable to air and perfectly adapts to the foot. Its mikrowypustkami porous structure coated with a special , not a drying
substance stimulates nerve endings in the foot , improving circulation and blood flow and makes the rate becomes much more efficient and arrows are accurate. At the same time the material protects the foot from injuries and injuries arising during the game. Its unique properties also make it less foot fatigue and help faster regenerates during the game.


Another revolutionary feature is the sole. Thanks to the specially matched insert , the inside of footwear stimulates the meridians corresponding points . And here comes the news :
distribution of bulges that stimulate specific points is adjusted individually for each player to get the maximum integration of the possibility of players while the use of strategy. Researchers have developed a map with which they are able not only to stimulate the relevant authorities with meridian points , but also affect the physical capacity players. In the back parts of the shoe is a miniature generator of electrical discharges made ​​of miniature and ultralight composites , which further stimulates the corresponding points
at the foot of the player , and thus increases the possibility of the game.

Of course it is possible to stimulate only a few parameters of the player at a time ( the body blurs the difference and then returns to its original shape ) , so impossible for you is to use a variant but wherein at the same time all the characteristics evolve .


Talks are underway with the inventors of the shoe on the manufacture, distribution and sale of football clubs from all over the world. The couple has cost about $ 2500 , so we know that this technology will become only the richest teams. Due to the smaller clubs already protesting , because they will not afford to implement new technology and thus clearly fall short of their statistics.