Sergio – a mental disorder or love at first sight?

It is well known that in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association abolished homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses. Recently flared up while discussion in which there were presented the thesis the existence of other orientation next three leading : heterosexuality , bisexuality and homosexuality. Inflammatory link these considerations had to be an unusual case of a well-known footballer the world famous club, Sergio Falos .

According to him, one day at breakfast , when I ate scrambled eggs with bacon, a piece of meat began to twitch and flicker , then stood up and spoke with a human voice confessing his love and affection . Sergio touched fell in love without memory and decided to get married with a piece of pork. Sergio was a vegetarian, in a fit of love burnt located near the slaughterhouse and lard smeared the walls of the house . Family and friends were shocked when they saw Sergio consuming tea , accompanied by a piece of bacon dressed in a tuxedo and bow tie . He was immediately directed to the involuntary treatment in a mental institution .

After 3 months of psychotherapy , electroconvulsive therapy and pharmacological Sergio has been put to the test , in which the company of other patients told him to jump into an empty swimming pool. Sergio did not jump , so he was released , treated , it turned out that it was a mistake because he did not want to jump on the grounds that they do not know how to swim , and not because the pool was empty.

Sergio has decided to send a written request to legalize his relationship with bacon to the International Court of Human Rights . Organized a research team that had to detect brain waves emitted by the meat . But before there was a final test , a piece of bacon was eaten by a crow , who accidentally flew into the open window to the home of Sergio Falos . Footballer berserk and then announced that is in mourning . She dressed in a black robe and a pilgrimage for 3 weeks after slaughter , mourning his dead long half . The case has ceased to be interesting, but the discussion on freedom in choosing a life partner remained .