BVB Dortmund football player involved in sex scandal

Borussia Dortmund – German club also known under the name of BVB is involved in the case so embarrassing that it’s hard to write this . It is suspected is that he acted contrary to religious principles which are known all over the world, from South America through the northern , antarctica , Africa and Asia . They know that even Australian aborigines and Indians .

The case is so embarrassing and awkward that involved her extraordinary ministry of one of the European countries. The country has oil reserves and large deposits of coal and heavy hydrogen . The country also had aspirations to participate in the program know nuclear cooperation with North Korea and dictator King. The president of this country once played soccer cristiano ronaldo with how he was young so at least says high -ranking government official in Ghana.


Slightly more open expression of opinion was a close friend of the player who told us that even though the case is for him a very difficult and delicate. It would, however, support a colleague and regret what has the media that the case was so blown. Intimate affairs of his connection should not be part of the political game. A colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous, did not want to refer to the allegations according to which they have been broken some religious principles. He does not profess this religion and even never heard about her. However, not wanting to be accused of anti Zoroastrianism would like to apologize to all her followers for not celebrated a special wedding night ritual during which requires this exotic religion.