One of the world’s most famous football player connected with Mafia

Around Mario Belucci recently flared up quite a fuss . It turned out that a player has one of the most famous football clubs in the world, has a fairly close relationship with Spanish criminal groups . Aunt known PLP team striker Kolimator Zatorze owns the largest fitness club in Moscow , while his older brother Pedro as a young man bred crickets and claimed that he trained boxing with Vladimir Klitschko . An extensive network of contacts meant that Mario became interested in the towering income from smuggling 450 tons of illegal substances , which turned out to be an illegal herb from the foot of the mountain Fuju , which would be used for the production of original absinthe.

Grandfather Mario was Aboriginal , who had a factory in South Dakota boomerangs . He gave the secret production of absinthe Ashkenazi Jews of Austrian origin who it wanted to sell the family of Mario recipe . However, thanks to conspiracies and unclean footing Mario family was said to have paid the Russian assassins who murdered the entire Jewish family katanas , taking their secret. Mario came when his Ferrari found 300 bottles labeled unregistered trademark and label absinthe. Lengthy interrogations had no effect and Mario in strange circumstances, was released from custody .

The whole thing became interested in the CIA who were Interest in the recipe , which was supposedly improve performance commandos and cosmonauts . Despite the efforts of the CIA has not learned anything about tajmego provision, because the family had Belucci plug to the agency. However, we found that the time of trouble just arrived. The unfortunate coincidence neighbor Mary, who was jealous of my earnings , reported to the police that his Ferrari papers written in Cyrillic . Police found in the trunk new evidence in the case - parts for apparatus for distillation


and 10 pounds of mash with herbs Kashubian . Belucci in desperation barricaded himself in the basement of his home, and police do not know why was attacked by a group of local homeless , throwing Molotov cocktails . The whole thing could have ended tragically if no police officer Michael Papkins that heroic throw a piece of rail and smashed the door by strangulation from behind overpowered raging Mario .

Here, events took an unexpected turn as a local psychiatrist issued a statement supposedly Mario was blackmailed and his psyche is not strong and work under stress. Witnesses have stated that three days before he ran naked through the streets, shouting, ” everywhere the ball , the annihilation of mankind.” Mario was sent to the plant closed , where he made contact with a group of Mormon extremists , who persuaded him to help in the smuggling of 3,000 pieces of ivory combs and 2 tons of nutria fur . However, he was acquitted thanks to the intervention of one of the giants of petroleum , which , as we learned , had an affair.


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