Mystical revelation of Diego Xaveres

Diego Xaveres told the press that he was the right hand of god , your fist and dancing on the ashes after the apparitions , he got on one of the conventions of representation. The message and the message he reportedly gave him an angel of the Holocaust , Abaddon , who after many thousands of years of hard and responsible functions decided to pass it one of the mortals. Diego was supposed to be the ideal candidate to take his place , because it had money , influence and was well trained in combat sword. Secrets of use melee weapons uncle told him that once he was a master in one of the monasteries of Magic Sword.

Statement Diego Xaveres caused shock and controversy. A special press conference , convened January 2, 2014 in Barcelona, received wide coverage among religions respect the function of the Angel of Doom. Any 20 min after the end of the conference , Diego was kidnapped by a group of religious extremists. The kidnappers reportedly wanted to personally hear the message of Abaddon transmitted Diego and confront him with the message of truth Markus Von Obellusa Apschtimerina leaders Angelic Hosts worshiping sect.

Diego was released three hours after the kidnapping , and then on his blog wrote that the function does not take but because he got convulsions . Apparently he had is aware that the alleged message is just a reaction to the stress caused by failures in the team.