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The Secret Society of Players – SSoP controlling drugs empire ?

Some time ago began to talk about an unofficial association of the biggest football stars. Supposedly established in 2005 lodge which includes a group of the richest, most famous and the most powerful football players. The Association was totally secret and no one even mentioned its existence, until in 2009 when one of its members was rejected because it was too radical attempts to influence on the decisions of the board.He decided to reveal the details of the mysterious organization, which, according to his testimony is working with the Masonic lodge, the governments of most countries and criminal organizations. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic car accident and many people consider him to be a deliberate action organization, which feared the disclosure of uncomfortable information.

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Sergio – a mental disorder or love at first sight?

It is well known that in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association abolished homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses. Recently flared up while discussion in which there were presented the thesis the existence of other orientation next three leading : heterosexuality , bisexuality and homosexuality. Inflammatory link these considerations had to be an unusual case of a well-known footballer the world famous club, Sergio Falos .

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BVB Dortmund football player involved in sex scandal

Borussia Dortmund – German club also known under the name of BVB is involved in the case so embarrassing that it’s hard to write this . It is suspected is that he acted contrary to religious principles which are known all over the world, from South America through the northern , antarctica , Africa and Asia . They know that even Australian aborigines and Indians .

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