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Mystical revelation of Diego Xaveres

Diego Xaveres told the press that he was the right hand of god , your fist and dancing on the ashes after the apparitions , he got on one of the conventions of representation. The message and the message he reportedly gave him an angel of the Holocaust , Abaddon , who after many thousands of years of hard and responsible functions decided to pass it one of the mortals. Diego was supposed to be the ideal candidate to take his place , because it had money , influence and was well trained in combat sword. Secrets of use melee weapons uncle told him that once he was a master in one of the monasteries of Magic Sword.

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One of the world’s most famous football player connected with Mafia

Around Mario Belucci recently flared up quite a fuss . It turned out that a player has one of the most famous football clubs in the world, has a fairly close relationship with Spanish criminal groups . Aunt known PLP team striker Kolimator Zatorze owns the largest fitness club in Moscow , while his older brother Pedro as a young man bred crickets and claimed that he trained boxing with Vladimir Klitschko . An extensive network of contacts meant that Mario became interested in the towering income from smuggling 450 tons of illegal substances , which turned out to be an illegal herb from the foot of the mountain Fuju , which would be used for the production of original absinthe.

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